About us

Victorian Dreams… The best name to know when it comes to buying an antique bed and creating elegant country house interiors.

Established in 1990 Victorian Dreams have become, in a relatively short period of time, renowned for the supply and quality restoration of beautiful antique beds and bespoke interiors for country homes.

We are located in Headley, Hampshire, and have plenty of antique beds on display. The majority of the beds that we obtain, and then sell on, require some attention! We have some that have already been restored or awaiting restoration. At least 20 beds are always set up with mattresses and linen. You will find every type of bed imaginable within our showrooms – traditional brass and iron beds, wood beds ornate and simple in style, and a range of period caned and upholstered beds. We also keep in stock a comprehensive range of mattresses and linen.

You can select from the wide range of antique bedsteads displayed, or select a bed prior to it undergoing the restoration process that will return it to its former glory. This enables you to tailor the design of the bedstead, to suit your particular tastes, and participate fully in the restoration process. Our team of skilled and enthusiastic workshop staff produce a level of workmanship we are sure will not disappoint.

Over the last 10 years we have specialised in interior design – by using all of our knowledge and skill to create beautiful properties and interiors based upon the clients wishes. We now work closely with a handful of developers who concentrate on unusual old properties to fulfil the maximum return and to make the house into a home again.

We have a fabric room which is full of current fabric books eg Sanderson, Zoffany, GP&J Baker, Kate Forman, Morris to name just a few. There are also a variety of curtain poles and examples of work that we are undertaking.

Victorian Dreams Showrooms